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Winter Series 2018 Two Team Trial

2 Team Time Trial Registration

8:00 Opens
8:30 Closes
8:45 Rider Meeting at Registration
9:00 Start time

2TTT Rescheduled to 9 December 2018

We had to reschedule this event due to the air quality from the Camp Fire, but we're back! Find your teammate and join us!!

Open to all Club Members
2018 Adult Membership: $53.00 : Sign up Online.
2018 Junior Membership: $10.00 : Sign up Online.

Entry Fees: Members [$10.00 ]
Non-Members [$15.00 ]
Juniors: Free

Required: 2018 Winter Series Release Form
All: One release form for the entire series
Juniors: Parent must be present to sign form

Teams Pre Registration Procedure
Due to the complex nature of setting handicaps for the team time trials, Teams Must Pre-Register their roster with the Winter Series Coordinator within 72 hours of the race start (9:00 am Thursday previous). Teams not registering their roster prior to the event or Day-Of, will not receive a handicap. No substitution will be allowed for the 2 person Team Time Trial.

Please pre-register for the event here (a pre-reg link will be actived here the week before the event).

Winter Series Rules
All events are conducted on open courses with vehicle traffic. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST OBEY THE CALIFORNIA VEHICLE CODE AT ALL TIMES.

Helmets are required anytime you are on the roadway before, during and after the event.

In accordance with California Vehicle Code, ear buds and headphones are not allowed. If you are seen wearing them by either the Winter Series staff or volunteers, you will be disqualified for that day's event and no points will be awarded.

A FALSE START will result in a 10 second penalty plus the number of seconds the rider false starts, so if a rider goes off two seconds early, they can expect a 12 second penalty.