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2017-18 Sloughs/Olympic Trophy Winter Series

Winter Series Seasons: 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010

About the Winter Series

The Winter Series is comprised of 12 events including time-trials, a hill climb, criteriums, and three road rides.

Awards will be given to: Category, Junior, Women, Overall, Time Trial, Scratch, and Road competitions.

Winter Series Events: Open to members only

2018 Adult Membership: $53.00 : Sign up Online.
2018 Junior Membership: $10.00 : Sign up Online.

Individual Event - Adults: $10.00 (Must be current member)
Individual Event - Juniors: FREE (Must be current member)

Required: 2017 Event Release Form
All: One release form for the entire series
Juniors: Parent must be present to sign form

A season pass is available and represents significant savings over the single event price.

The 2018 Winter Series season pass is not yet available.

WS Clinic: Open to everyone

The 2018 Winter Series Clinic has not yet been scheduled.

Required: 2017 Clinic Release Form
Juniors: Parent must be present to sign form

Questions: Membership Coordinator

Santa Clara Country Parks: (408) 842-2341