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Superior Illumination!

No Blinding glare!

The bike light of your dreams has come true.
Revolutionary optics give you better life saving visibility, contrast, and depth perception than any previous light made.

No more losing your lumens!

+ 1500 precisely targeted Lumens.
+ Five brightnesses! Six flash patterns!
+ Unbreakable fully rotating mount.
+ Quick and easy battery changes.
+ Built in rapid battery recharger.
+ User programmable, no computer needed.
+ 1/2 a pound. Lightest in class!
+ Shines better than most cars!
+ Engineered and assembled in Silicon Valley, USA.
+ Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Never obsolete! Never Overpriced!

+ Old lights from other brands become useless when they stop making the battery.
+ Some top brands use a sealed battery so you're stuck in the dark when it drains.
+ Others use proprietary batteries packs with half the capacity or twice the weight, yet cost much more.

Visit: to get yours!