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About Altaquota Adventures

Altaquota Adventures is a "boutique" tour company specializing in Active Tours for Small Groups of Friends. So what is Our Concept, and how does it differ from that of other tour companies?

While specific features of our tours and philosophy are discussed on other pages, here are three objectives:

First, we design our tours to cater to you and your group. We provide organization, a general structure, manage the logistics, and have fun guides who know and love our destinations–but we adapt to what you want to do each day!

Other tour companies typically operate on a "fill the slots" approach, which means that they must follow their advertised structure and itinerary, or displease a large number of clients. So, if it's Tuesday, it's pouring rain, and the schedule says 80 mile ride from Bormio to Madonna di Campiglio, you get two choices: ride your bike and get soaked, or ride in the support vehicle (if there's enough room)!

Instead, with us you could hike instead of ride or go to the Roman Baths. Or we could choose to proceed to Madonna di Campiglio–your group will always fit into our support vehicle–and then we'd do a ride or do some other activity there!

Second, we want you to have good vacation touring with us–sure we'll keep you active, increase your fitness, and send you to bed every night ready to sleep after a full day–but you'll be more rested when you get home, and you won't need another vacation to recover from your vacation!

Furthermore, we want you to enjoy everything that Italy has to offer, the food, scenery, culture, and so much more–so we base ourselves for a week at a time in nice hotels in our favorite Italian towns!

And third, our "business model" doesn't scale, and isn't profit driven. Rather, this is a labor of love. Of course, we have to pay your tour expenses, our guides, our overhead, plus save a little for rainy days. Our pricing reflects this philosophy, which is why our tours for your group of 4 is priced much less than twice your group of 2.

Other tour companies typically receive the benefit of increasing group size, while on your tour with us there is no benefit to your having a larger group–you pick companions for their friendship and your shared interests!