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2018 Club Officers and Coordinators

Position Name Contact
President Norbert Kappel contact
Vice President Todd Munk contact
Treasurer Diana Hellman contact
Secretary Kate Jungnickel contact
Member at Large Joe Strandell,
Chris Davis
Board of Directors Chris Davis,
Diana Hellman,
Joe Strandell,
Kate Jungnickel,
Norbert Kappel,
Todd Munk
Membership Coordinator contact
Juniors Coordinator Andrew Lanier contact
Pro Deal Coordinator Joe Strandell contact
Race Team Coordinator Norbert Kappel,
Ginger Kroft
Sponsor Coordinator Joe Strandell contact
Twilight Series Coordinator Chad Rosser contact
Uniform Coordinator Chad Rosser contact
Volunteer Coordinator Erik Camacho contact
Winter Series Coordinator Christopher Barret contact
Webmaster Kenneth Siemers contact