A 1.9 mile time trial, point to point, that will take place on Malech Road in South San Jose. Malech is a quiet roadway that runs parallel to the east side of Hwy 101, between Metcalf and Bailey.The event starts approx 100' from Metcalf Road, with a slight downhill start and ends up at the top of the hill 1.9 miles away.

» No Aero Equipment allowed in this event. Leave the Aero Helmets, Disc Wheels and TT bars at home. Deepest wheels allowed will be 35 mm profile, equivalent to a Williams Wheels 30.

» All riders will receive 10 points for participating. Points will be awarded to the following competitions: Overall Champion, Time Trial Champion as well the Junior & Women Trophy if you fall under one of these categories. No category points will be awarded for this event. You must ride this event to be eligible for the Scratch Trophy.

» Preliminary category placements will be determined by this event.

» Staging will be at Metcalf Neighborhood Park, Forsum and Urshan in South San Jose. Parking is along the street, with additional parking in a county lot just between the south end of Forsum and Metcalf Road adjacent to Monterey Rd. Please park responsibly, as this area is densely occupied. Restroom facilities are at the staging area, with one additional porta potty available adjacent to the trail at water ski facility.

Course Map - provided by Rick Madden